Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Canon SD1200IS?

After being very annoyed that our PCs are not capable of the proper display of the SD780IS HD videos, and at this time have no other reason to upgrade them, I have decided to check out the Canon SD1200IS. It's 10Mpixels instead of 12M, and it is a little thicker, but also weighs less, but the main differance is that the SD1200 is not taking HD H.264 videos, "just" 640x480 30fps motion JPEG ones. In a few days I will post what my take on this cheaper, less capable, camera is.

Canon SD780IS: 87x56x18mm (3.4x2.2x0.7in), 160g (5.6oz)
Canon SD1200IS: 86x55x22mm (3.4x2.2x0.9in), 120g (4.2oz)

Question is why there seems to be no SD1200IS reviews out there... I guess this one from Cnet Australia cannot really qualify as a proper review, or? And this one from "dpinterface". Not much of a review, I think.

SD1200IS at Amazon: Light gray, Dark gray, Pink, Blue, Green, Orange.

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Robert Riberia said...

Matt - I can understand your frustration with playing back SD780 videos on older computer systems, however, on a newer system they are truly breathtaking. I have been shooting video with my SD780 for about a month now and creating HD DVD's (using Sony Vegas). The result is amazing on large screen TV's. I bought this camera after reading your blog and I couldn't be happier with it. Thanks for all of your useful observations.