Sunday, November 29, 2009

Canon G11 - Ghost from the past :)

From Canon G11

Well, I guess I will not be writing more about the Canon G11 here. I managed to sell mine on Craigslist, just before the price dropped. So, I only spent $25 to try that camera (bought at $500 and sold for $475). That's not too bad. I did enjoy it more than those $25 so I guess I come out ahead.

Why? Well, I had a few serious problems with this camera (also keep in mind that I do have an old G2 and a 10D...)
  • The size and placement of the control wheel and the 4-way controller made my (large?) fingers hit the wrong thing way too many times
  • To be the latest camera, I really found the auto focus to be both slow and often (especially in Macro) not focus properly
  • This camera, as well as some of the previous G models, only support manual flash control of E-TTL flash (like 420EX, 430EX) in manual mode. My old G2 works just like the DSLRs and I like that much more.

All in all, I just did not feel that the new camera was worth the $500. I mean, many of the photos would be ok with the compact Canon SD1200 that I still have and love. It is not a G11 replacement, but it will hold me over until I find what's next. My short list for potential candidates are:

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Lego - Power functions on sale

I think I have never seen much Lego on real sale, and especially the power functions, like battery box, motor, and so. On Amazon right now (as of 11/28 pm) the power functions set (#8293) is $24 shipped... That is a really good price. Do I hear Christmas gift?

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hydrogen rocket

I just have to share this video. I found a $1 hydrogen rocket at a garage sale. At the time I thought it was air or water pressure driven, but learned at home that it was a tad more complex. A little web research and soldering and....

Canon G11 IS photos - and new price!

The Canon G11 just got a lower price at $450 over at Unfortunately mine does not see much use as the days are shorter and work is busy. Here are a few new snaps I managed to take.

Monday, November 02, 2009

Canon XSi sale also

On Amazon, add the two following items to your cart.

After they are added, go to checkout and note you got a $200 discount!!! That is a total of $645 for both!! Or thereabouts.

Canon T1i rebates on Amazon

Amazon has the

for $1256 - $400 Mail In Rebate = $857 with free shipping. That's a pretty good deal. Read the mail-in rebate carefully and make sure you fulfill all the conditions. Make sure the seller is Amazon on all items and not a third party. Otherwise the rebate will not be valid.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Powershot shootout - G2 vs G11

Yeah, maybe silly to even try this... And raise the iso to 400+ and there is no reason what-so-ever to even do it at all. The Canon G11 will walk all over the G2 there. But at base ISO (50 for G2 and 100 for G11) it is not clear to me that so many generations (G3, G5, G6, G7, G9, G10) has passed in between the G2 and G11.

Below are some (semi-) identical shots from the G2 and G11. No retoouching, directly out of cameras. Then after the photo, there are links to look at the JPEGs out of camera, untouched.

Direct out of camera JPG: G2 - G11

Direct out of camera JPG: G2 - G11

Direct out of camera JPG: G2 - G11

Direct out of camera JPG: G2 - G11

Direct out of camera JPG: G2 - G11

Direct out of camera JPG: G2 - G11

Anyway, like I said, the older cameras did not really do an ok job for ISO400 and above. For Canon G11 I think both ISO400 and ISO800 work ok. That is not bad at all.