Sunday, September 13, 2009

Casio Exilim EX-FS10

So what does a camera freak like me do while waiting for the new Canon G11? Well, I do not wait, but since funds are not unlimited (*sigh*) one has to do some sacrifice also. I sold the Canon SD1200IS on craigslist as I still have the Canon SD1100IS. I would rather have kept the Canon SD1200IS but as the SD1100 was water damaged at some time, I would not get much for it even if it works fine. The sale gave enough money to buy a new Casio EX-FS10. Why you could rightfully ask as I am very happy with the SD1200? Well, the plan is that the upcoming Canon G11 will become the sole used camera (for a while at least), and I have been intrigued since the press release by the specs of the Casio.... The 210/420/1000 FPS (frames per second, normal is 30) video modes just sounded so cool. Not sure what I would shoot with them, but still.

So here it is:

I have not been able to do a full "review" yet, but I am working on testing it out. So far these are my likes and dislikes.

  • Slim (thinner than SD1200 and about same size)
  • Good layout on buttons (better than SD780IS)
  • Useful and cool 30 6Mpixel shots in one second - Really has to see it to believe it
  • Good image quality at ISO 200 and below, ok at ISO 400 (SD1200/SD780 is better)
  • HD video, and all the high-speed modes
  • Optical zoom working while taking video
  • AF still working in video mode (if continuous AF focus is selected)
  • Non-extending lens (good for dust and makes the camera less fragile)

  • Slight delay when power on, and when staring a high speed video
  • Slow lens (F/3.9 is the best at wide)
  • Annoying small power on/off button
  • Poor macro magnification (at least compared to the SD1200/SD780)
  • No image stabilization

More to come. Here is a quick video (no sound in the high speed ones) showing the video mode where one can go between 30FPS (normal) and 210FPS with a push of a button.

More photos and videos to come...

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