Thursday, October 22, 2009

Canon Powershot G11 - first impressions

Too busy with work and life to have had a real chance to test the new Canon G11. But I have used it some, and here is my current, list of good and bad.

  • Swiwel screen, and nice one. Makes camera easy to use in any position
  • Nice menus and button layout and nice top wheel giving ISO, exposure compensation, and mode access
  • Good high (ISO800) ISO performance, excellent ISO400 and below
  • Overall good image quality and sharp lens

  • The wheel around the 4-way controller is way to small and hard to turn without pressing something else
  • The zoom lever is also tiny and easy to "miss"
  • Shot-to-shot performance seems a little low for 2009 and 10Mpix

Pretty short lists, but that's really what I feel right now. I am pleased with the photos it takes (lens/sensor/processing) but I am annoyed by the design of the wheel around the 4-way controller and the zoom lever. I do not know if it will just go away, I sure hope so, but the little I have used the Canon G11 so far, almost every time I need to use them, they have annoyed me.

Here are some more sample photos. Full zoom "macro".
From Canon G11

For next one, there is one ISO200 and one ISO800 in the album.
From Canon G11

Birds in fog.
From Canon G11

Trees in fog.
From Canon G11

Pins on table.
From Canon G11

Pens on table.
From Canon G11

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