Sunday, November 29, 2009

Canon G11 - Ghost from the past :)

From Canon G11

Well, I guess I will not be writing more about the Canon G11 here. I managed to sell mine on Craigslist, just before the price dropped. So, I only spent $25 to try that camera (bought at $500 and sold for $475). That's not too bad. I did enjoy it more than those $25 so I guess I come out ahead.

Why? Well, I had a few serious problems with this camera (also keep in mind that I do have an old G2 and a 10D...)
  • The size and placement of the control wheel and the 4-way controller made my (large?) fingers hit the wrong thing way too many times
  • To be the latest camera, I really found the auto focus to be both slow and often (especially in Macro) not focus properly
  • This camera, as well as some of the previous G models, only support manual flash control of E-TTL flash (like 420EX, 430EX) in manual mode. My old G2 works just like the DSLRs and I like that much more.

All in all, I just did not feel that the new camera was worth the $500. I mean, many of the photos would be ok with the compact Canon SD1200 that I still have and love. It is not a G11 replacement, but it will hold me over until I find what's next. My short list for potential candidates are:

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