Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sony HX5V - HHT

Thank God for HHT (Hand Held Twilight mode)... Kind of, at least. The new Sony DSC-HX5V that I am using has one mode called this (HHT). This mode take 6 shot really quickly, less than 1 second if the shutter speed allows it, and then combines the shots to reduce noise and improve detail. It is explained more in this review. What can I say, it really does work. This weekend I took my kids to Golden State Model Railroad Museum so they could check out all the trains. I tried the HHT mode here, indoors, with not so much light. Using the zoom also makes the lens quite slow and long shutter speeds, or high ISO is the result. But check these photos out and I can only say that HHT really seems to be working. 

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tww said...

I bought a HX5V within the last month and I'm really impressed with its low-light capabilities. Its my first Sony camera, and I have to say it's taking a little time to adjust (coming from Canon point and shoots). I'm learning to let the camera do the job. It's just funny how we get used to certain ways of doing things.

I do miss the ability to apply effects (B&W, sepia, etc) in-camera. Just one less step with no post processing.

On the indoor panoramas you posted earlier, did you shorten the width of them afterward? It would have been nice if the camera created the pano as wide as you wanted it. Instead it grays out the unused portion of the picture. They always leave you wanting.

Enjoy your posts.