Sunday, February 28, 2016

Kangaroo PC - Added heatsink and fan

So, with the added (cut) heat sink to couple with the stock heatsink and sticking out of the box, I now get very low temperatures. From being throttled at 85C when playing videos from, we now are under 60C and there is no noise to speak of. The fan is a 12V fan, but I run it on 5V off the USB.

Now, if there only was a way to overclock or lock the turbo mode for this x5-z8500 Intel chip... Then this Atom would be handling some light gaming in addition to good streaming.

Check out the photos. One photo has the heatsink/fan info. It is from an old pention cooler.


FuzzmanKs said...

Thanks for the blog post. I'm considering getting this device to stream police scanner onto the internet. No plans to do video. Still good to know about this heatsink mod.

LeReelBatman said...

Great post buddy! Ingenious way of cooling it.

RED_404 said...

This heat sink fits perfectly

My modded Kangaroo Plus

Alex Kunze said...

I used a 40mm fan and packaging from a phone case to make a rectangle funnel if you will the height and width of the fan tapering down to the vent size. Fan is usb powered. Huge heat leaves the other vent opening. May use a second fan to exhaust what's getting rammed into it like a velocity stack at the end of a wind tunnel.