Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What now?

My vacation is almost over, and it was done without any DSLR at all, or almost (I did borrow my fathers Canon XTi). Otherwise I have been perfectly happy with the Canon SD1200IS for all snapshots and videos. But, I do need something better than the old Canon G2 that I currently use as my "nice" camera.

I did try the Nikon D60 but I guess I have been using Canon for too long as it was hard to get used to the different menus and so. Also, I did not buy any RAW converter program for the Nikon, like the Nikon Capture NX 2 program. Canon ships RAW software with the camera, which I think is nice.

Anyway, the review for the new Canon T1i is now up on DP review, and I was surprised that it was not better. I really like the idea of nice HD video in a SLR so that I could try to also sell videos on iStockPhoto in addition to the photos I sell there. But with the review, and the fact that the Canon T1i lack the auto focus adjustment for the lenses that the more expensive Canon 50D has, is making it hard for me to try it out.

I guess if money was not an issue I would just get it all by getting the Canon 5D mark II and a Canon EF 24-105mm lens and be set. But unfortunately, that is too much money for me. What to do... I just do not know. I feel that for all practical purposes, 10 or 12 mega pixels is enough for me, and although I would probably use the video on a D-SLR, I could live without it.

I guess if I do not come up with a winning super lotto ticket or so, maybe I will just scan craigslist and pick up a used XTi or maybe a used Canon XS. I think I would be able to use that for a year or more, maybe...

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