Friday, July 10, 2009

UFO in the sky? No, it's a sun dog...

So I was out taking a walk before the sun was setting (in Marin, CA, USA) and I saw this weird light (no, it was not an UFO :) to the right of the sun, maybe 15-20 degrees to the right. It looked pretty bright and I managed to get some shots of it. I only had my 10D with 50mm and 105mm so my field of view was pretty limited. This first shot (yes, nothing to save...) is trying to give you an idea of how the location of the sun (to the very left) was compared with the "bright spot", to the left. Taken with 50mm.

Now for the interesting, and somewhat better (still nothing to save...) shot with same 50mm of the bright spot:

And swap the lens (also walked a bit for better view) to 105mm:

Ever seen this before? I can only think that the thin cloud must have had some kind of special ice crystal and I was right in the right spot to see them.

Well, that did not take long. I found out that it is a "sun dog". See here for details.

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