Thursday, August 13, 2009

Canon G11 (or GX1)?

Ok, so I read a lot on the DP review forums, especially the Canon forum as I like their cameras. Being a camera-holic means that one is never happy (enough) with what one has, but always wants something newer and better. So come around August/September Canon has some history of releasing new camera models. The top of the line "compact cameras", the Canon Powershot G10 is maybe due to be replaced some speculate. And today I found this photo:

where the "old" G10 is compared next to the next one, the "G11" or whatever it will be called. But why would anyone with a G10 really have a reason to get the G11? I mean, the reviews are out there and photos to back it up, it is a great camera. Maybe the 15 mega pixels was an overkill, but anyway.

I think this is more a proper comparison:

I photoshopped in my old Canon PowerShot G2 next to the new "G11". That's more like it. Maybe I should be looking at this upgrade. The G2 takes really great 4 mega pixel photos, no doubt about it. I have photos to back it up, check the two in this post. They are taken just a month or so ago. This camera actually sees some use. But it is dead slow, really. I mean it is like a snail next to a new camera. Everything is slow. And it is fairly bulky and heavy. I guess I should look into this "G11". I would guess this photo is a fake, but time will tell.

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