Saturday, August 01, 2009

Price drop on SD1200 and SD780

Looks like Canon is lowering the prices. The Canon PowerShot SD1200IS is now also lower at Amazon with free shipping. Right now when I checked it was $149.95. And I bought it at $220... Well, I guess that proves that one should never buy anything directly when it comes out.

Andt he Canon PowerShot SD780IS has dropped to a new low of $199.

Check out the prices here:

And here are some photos from yesterday taken with the very same SD1200:

Do I need to point out that I live in California? It is pretty dry here now.


Brandon said...

Hi, I saw your link to your blog from your post at dpreview. Anyway, since you own both the SD1200 and the SD780, if you could only have one, which one would you choose?

Right now I'm leaning towards the SD1200 because of its slightly faster lens although the SD780 has HD video and a better form factor. What's your opinion?

Mats said...


SD1200 is my pick. Unless you want/need HD video in which case the SD780 is an equal good pick.

Natalia said...

Hi Mat,
I have been looking at your pics from the amazon website on the SD780 and they are amazing. I just bought this camera, but somehow my pics don't turn out as good as yours. I am a casual user, not a professional, so that that's probably why;. Since you have been shooting with this camera for long; are you happy with it? I guess my biggest concerns is the image quality; how good do you think it is compared to other models of powershots ranging at about the same price? Or, which one would you recommend based entirely on image quality?

Mats said...

Well, it does take practice to get good shots. I would recommend you to take a lot of photos and experiment. Like half pressing on a certain subject, keep it half presses, and then move the camera a little and shoot. Having the object or person dead-center is often making the photo a little boring. But you do want to make the camera focus and meter on what you think is important.