Sunday, August 30, 2009

Roku - Streaming Netflix Player

So, this blog being about gadgets, it might seem like it is mostly cameras that I fancy. Certainly true, but sometimes other stuff comes on the radar. This time I bought a Roku Digital Video Player to be able to do Netflix and Amazon video on demand to my TVs... I did a quick "video review" that you can watch here, or click here to view it at the YouTube site. The video was taken with the Canon SD780IS.

I did struggle for a while if it would be better to get a combined blu-ray and Netflix player, like the LG BD 370 Network Blu-ray Disc Player. I do not own any blu-ray movies, but that seems to be the future. But what made me get the Roku Digital Video Player instead was:

  • Small size
  • Built in WiFi
  • Cheaper price ($99)
  • Ability to play both Netflix and Amazon Video on demand (unbox)
I am not disappointed so far. We have two main TVs, and it really is effortless to move this one box between both TVs. The only "drawback" is that once you plug it in, it takes a little over a minute to "boot". I guess they probably did not expect it to be portable and did not focus on getting down this time. I am really hoping that they will be able to add Hulu and YouTube support. But for $99, I am happy with what they got. The Netflix videos available for streaming is a little limited at this time, but I am sure that this is the future, so this does not concern me at all.

You can buy your player here:

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