Sunday, March 21, 2010

Few more HX5V "RAW" videos

I took a drive to the quite well known bridge close by, the Golden Gate bridge to be specific as there are many other bridges around. But none other painted red... Here are some "raw" videos you can download and check out on your new HDTV taken with the new HX5V. Some of each format (AVCHD vs MP4) but this time only at the highest resolution.
I am pretty impressed with the video this camera takes. The image stabilization is very good, in fact probably the best I have seen on a digital camera. In the video mode at least. But how they could have placed the two microphones where they did, puzzles me. The one to the left is right where one holds the fingers when holding the camera with both hands. I guess one will get use to not doing it, but anyway.

Here is a sweep panorama from the same place:
And a normal photo:

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