Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Sony HX5 first photos and videos

So it is "finally" here, the new Sony DSC-HX5V. I shot an email to Amazon about the lower price and got a partial refund. That's nice of them, I think. Anyway, I will not post many opinions on this camera yet. The initial impression is quite good. Size is as expected a little larger than my SD1200 that I bring everywhere. If it is too large to bring everywhere, is yet to be determined. Built quality feels good, with the exception of the battery lid, which is too thin in my opinion. Feels like one will eventually make a mistake and bend it.

In this post I will post some snapshots from today, and provide a link to the raw, direct out of camera, JPEGs and videos.

Why not start with the videos? This camera takes a bunch of formats and size. Here are some examples, of roughly the same length (~20 seconds) and same scenery. Zoom was used, starting from all the way zoomed in, to wide. Be sure to have a new, fast, computer to watch the 1080 ones...

I guess I think they all look nice, but for computer viewing, the 1080 ones are just too much for me, 720p is just fine. Here are three more in highest resolution of a small airplane. Be prepared for the wind noise... I have not seen any audio wind filter function:

Here are some photos. Each photo has a link to the original JPEG from camera after the photo.

Plain photo:
In camera "HDR":
Mid zoom:

Through window:
In camera panorama sweep (just moving the camera, camera does all the "stitching")
Air plane:
Air plane detail:

That's it for this time. Quite nice. The samples I saw before getting it, seemed to show much more noise, but I guess the light was good out here today in California :) Very fun with the embedded GPS also. Picasa shows the map when browsing around. 

If you are going to try this camera and plan on buying it on Amazon, please go through this link and you will support me and my hobby :) Thanks!

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Deni Williams said...

Man, probabily this will be my nex camera. I'm very impressed with the video quality. Everything looks pretty in Full HD 60i and the photo quality... Amazing!