Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Vizio SV422XVT

For the longest time (like 9 years or so) our main TV was a Sony 43" Rear Projection TV. It was capable of HDTV, but with a 4:3 format, not suited for it. Never-the-less, it was really good and coupled with our Tivo Series 1 (does it surprise you I am an very early Tivo adapter :) it was a good TV setup for us.

While we re-arranged in the living room we wanted to get rid of the extremely bulky rear-projection TV. I tried to sell it, but ended up donating it as there were no buyers. For a time now I have been looking at what new TV to get, and last weekend I got our new VIZIO SV422XVT LCD HDTV. Why this one? Well, first of all, 42" seemed to fit our living room nicely and....

  • 1080p, of course
  • 240Hz (not really a selling point for me, personally)
  • Wifi built in
  • VIA - Vizio Internet Apps - Netflix, Flickr, Facebook, and more
  • Nice price (sub $1000)
It is a little bit ironic that we still have and use the Tivo (series 1) daily and still just LOVE it. I was prepared that the 42" HDTV would maybe not make the SD (standard definition) signal look ok, but it turns out I was wrong. The SD signal on this TV is totally acceptable, in my opinion. But sooner or later, I will be "forced" to look for a new setup like a TiVo Premiere, just about to be released.

Here is a little video demonstration of the VIA function.

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