Monday, March 23, 2009

Another review and some reflections on the SD 780 IS

Have not done much testing lately. Here is another review of the IXUS 100 / SD780 camera that is fairly positive, and very positive if one takes the small size and superb design into consideration. After all it is a compact camera.

I have also really enjoyed that small fact that Canon has changed so switching to "review" mode is done by a button instead of using the "mode" dial. That works really well and is much better than the previous SD cameras I have owned and used.

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Randy Rhoads said...

I had my worst nightmare yesterday. Got my 780 and i was going to post more videos and pics to share with you but mine came broken. First i tought it was a dead pixel in theview panel but then when i looked at the videos they all had a point on them. Worst lucky ever :(

Randy Rhoads said...

Hey Matt, you can probably play the videos with no/less choppyness.
Go to and get kazacodec pack AND quicktime alternative. Rename the videos .hdmov and try to play em again. Worked on my old AMD.
good luck!!