Thursday, March 05, 2009

IXUS 100 IS video in low light?

Not that impressive, but here is a sample. By the way, IXUS100IS/SD780IS/IXY210IS are all the same camera, if you did not know.

Link to YouTube.


Rob said...

I thought you had posted this set, but I don;t see it so here's a link to DigitalBear's Flickr SD780is (Ixy210) photo set:

Rob said...

Also, DigitalBear has a new set up with the Ixy210:

I'm really excited for this camera, but it'll be the smallest digi-cam I've ever had. What kind of case do you plan to get for it?
I'm thinking some sort of "sleeve" that's somewhat form-fitting would be good to protect this while in a pocket, and probably put an invisible shield screen protector on it.

Gerbrand said...

I just bought this camera but there is a high noise in the background (like old 8 mm camera's). Is this the same with yours or is it a problem with my camera?