Saturday, March 14, 2009

Walkabout with SD780IS

I got to take a walk with the new Canon SD780IS this morning. And I will post some photos and videos (pretty lame videos) in the end. The thoughts on the camera are that the AUTO mode is actually really good with one annoying exception, that the camera tends to overexpose a little and that one cannot dial in exposure compensation in AUTO mode. In fact, except for the image size, there's really nothing to set in auto mode. You can force flash off, which is nice. In AUTO the camera seems to try to keep ISO under and at 400 for most photos down to 1/20s shutter speed. Then it will try (if allowed) to use the flash. If the flash is forced off, the ISO will go up to 800.

The video works fine, although on my 4 year old home computer, I cannot really play them :( They seem to take too much cpu/graphics power. With the lens starting at 32mm, and when one take HD video, the top and bottom gets blanked out, so it really feels like too zoomed in when shooting indoors. And one cannot take photos when taking video, as the start/stop button is the shutter and no other button in use. One can dial in some exposure compensation in video mode.

Here is a picasa album link to the photos (click on the photo or link below the photo):
From SD780IS

From SD780IS

From SD780IS

And the full (original) photos and videos can be downloaded here.

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