Sunday, March 15, 2009

Day 3 with camera...

I got the camera on Friday, and thus spent ~3 days with it now. It is quite annoying that my PC is too slow to play the HD videos as that was one of the things I wanted. But I guess one cannot say a ~5yr old PC is "state of the art", can I?

I took some more photos this morning, and there are a few samples below, as well as a link to a Picasa Web album for screen size resolution images, and a link after where the raw jpeg images can be downloaded for your analysis :)

The reflections I have done so far is that the tendency to overexpose in auto mode is by far the most annoying thing (and it seems like DC resource's review of SX-200IS is also finding the same on that camera. Maybe it's a DIGIC-4 thing?). I have done some trials also with video mode, and it seems like the camera is only focusing when one start the recording, after that the focus stays the same. In most cases this is not really an issue, but it would be nice if it could re-focus.

The camera handles very nicely and is quite fast in all operations, with the exception of flash recharge after a flash photo is taken. It takes several seconds until it is ready again.

Here are some more sample photos (click on photo to go to album with more):
From SD780IS - Samples

From SD780IS - Samples

From SD780IS - Samples

From SD780IS - Samples

And here is the raw jpegs for download.

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