Monday, March 16, 2009

Low light samples - Video and Still

Here's a quick test of how the ISO 800 performance of the SD780IS (IXUS 100 IS) is. This was taken in full auto, where it recognized the scene as a macro (was quite close) and therefore did not fire the flash. The camera is not that great at throttling back the flash for macros. The photo is (click on it to view the original):

Here is a 100% crop from the 12Mpix photo:

And if one would downsize the photo to 3Mpix (2000x1500) then the 100% crop will look like:

Now, considering this is an ultra compact camera with 12Mpixels, it's hard to not be at least a little impressed. If you have been using digital cameras for a while you know what I am talking about. My first digital was an 1.2Mpixel Olympus camera...

Anyway, I also took a very short and utterly boring (and messy looking) 720p video in our dining room where the light is not that bright. I will try to do a better sample soon. You can download that clip here.

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