Monday, March 16, 2009

In stock - at Amazon...

Now Amazon has the camera in stock. Please use the links to the right if you are going to buy this camera :)

Yesterday afternoon, I had a chance to test the camera in a family gathering. No new full size samples, but below is a sample of a ISO800 1/13s shot. Sure, the original 12Mpix is noisy, but I think for a 4x6 it would print rather well. There are other high ISO shots in the Picasa album if you click on the photo or link below. Overall I am please with it. Focusing performed well in the low light and the snappy performance is nice. The real test I guess is to see how well the prints are, as looking at 100% on the computer is not always pleasing (at ISO 400+).

From SD780IS - Samples 2

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