Tuesday, March 17, 2009

More photos and one video - SD 780 IS

Here are some "sunshine" outdoor photos taken with the new Canon SD780IS. And here also a short HD video of a small airplane flying overhead. Here is the YouTube version of the video:

From SD780IS - Samples 3

From SD780IS - Samples 3

And here is the photos for download.

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Samuel James said...

Hi Matt,
I was wondering if there are any manual controls on the video, eg can you lock the exposure and focus?
Thanks matt,

jamchew said...

Is there a way to film videos in lower resolutions? i don't want to fill up my memory card with HD video when a lighter format would do... thanks!

i am looking at this or the sd1200...

Mats said...

Yes, you can also take 640x48 or 320x240 videos. Your choice.